I’m Back

Hello everyone and welcome back if you are a returning reader. After the events of the EU Referendum I thought of restarting my blog of political rants. Simply due to the fact that the EU referendum ended in much the way that I expected, with Scotland voting to stay and England voting to leave. (Not forgetting Northern Ireland voting to stay and Wales voting to leave.) This for me sparks the renewal of the walk towards Scottish Independence.

The difference in the vote between England and wales was considerable large, larger than indyref in 2014, although with a decreased turn-out of 67.2%. The Remain vote in Scotland was 62% to 38% as I am sure you are all aware. Compared to the English vote of 53.4% to 46.6%, a much smaller margin. The point is that Scotland view the EU much differently from most of the rest of the UK and are in the process of being forced out of an EU we voted to stay in, against our will. This might not be much of a surprise to those that know me that in this sort of event I would push further for independence.

Numerous parties during indyref touted that if we voted Yes to Independence we would have to leave the EU and voting no was the only way that ensure our continued EU membership. As you are now aware this was a complete lie, to sit with all the other lies that have been proven since Scotland voted no. No surprises really. There is a list, albeit not a complete list, of broken promises that have been at Wings Over Scotland in their Wee Black Book, to be found here. (Link to wee black book)

So here I am to begin my ranting and pushing for independence again. I’ll probably pester you all with new posts as often as I can. Maybe with the odd guest writer, if I can persuade them.


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